Thursday, January 1, 2009

hate MOS

thursday ........
ladies night ~~
for MOS

i went on 18/12 if not mistaken
it was qi hao's birthday
n tat day ..
for my actual gang is all GALS
n this is y ...
something bad happen on us ...
it was like WTF ......
how come MOS became so so so the low class ..
how come those guys like never c gals b4 ..
n the action was worst than animal !!!!


anyway ... this is the only 1 photo which got me inside

yuet yan , me n vni
i look freaking fat here .....

damn .....
but in da reality i was reli gained weight ..

dun ask me wat's the bad thing happened on that day ..
use ur ass to think .. =)


movie time now
the movie i had watch recently was this 2
n it was so so so awesome until i would like to say 10 fingers up instead of 2 thumbs up

oh ya ..
i still remember that day v went for badminton 1st , then brunch , then 1u

^^ IP MAN ^^
I watch this movie @ 1u wif sherman , edmond , pey shin and kah wei
the 2nd pic was the real ip man
he became my idol after i finish the movie ..
he .. or mayb i could use ' BELIAU '
[ should noe y i use beliau ... if u do study malay ..]
so so so the kindly , friendly and .... handsome + man
tats y i fall in love wif him .. =)

the 2nd was cape no.7
this movie i watch wif edmond
the show is from 10.20pm til 1-ish am

is a very romantic movie ..
n this movie successfully make my tears flow down from my eyes

how long i never cry coz fo the movie ??
i also dunno
but .. i do felt sad or lovely or even heart pain when i watch this movie
i was like ...
i'm inside the movie
i can feel it

anyway ...
this ' ah pek ' make me laugh a lot also

and after this movie i was also so so so in love wif this singer
i love his song
its so touching
and remind me a lot lot thing bout my pass ..
my EX

okok ......... stop here ..
next article coming soon

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