Thursday, January 8, 2009

xmas eve part 2

sry for the late update again
i was reli damn freaking lazy this few days ..

ok .. lets start the 2nd part of the xmas eve

i meet johnson at curve
the 1 date me for dinner
v walking around at curve to find a restaurant for dinner
but v failed
all restaurant is full wif ppl
end up , v straight move to mont kiara for dinner

finally ...
v was sitting down in a restaurant
turkey for xmas eve ..
( the tradition ?? can some1 explain to me y ?? )
but still .. v ordered

this is our meal
taste not reli good ..

anyway .. after dinner shift to Raw Bar
yes .. i do said tat raw bar is just so so
but i went there just for his event

pictures here again ..

chloe & me

me n gavin

sly n me

johnson n me

the gals

janice n me

julian n me

the group photo

overall ...
not reli fun coz the crowd is not there
n i was fcuking tired since i out the whole day

happy belated merry xmas ..

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