Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the life

ok ..
just wanna make it short and i share those interesting thing only

the 1st day of the year 2009
i was wif my family
damn clever gal rite
haha ..

went to shopping wif mummy
erm .. already forgot how long i never shopping this this woman ~~

cant get nice shirt there
just bought a formal pants for my formal wear


2/1 , 3/1 , 4/1

i was working at mid valley exhibition hall wif the edmond
and wat i saw there is the very very huge cat
and some is just puppy ..
oh my god
u will never blif that its just a puppy
the size is just ...
fcuking huge compare to the normal size cat

photo will b upload when i transfer from the camera



back to school
everything is still de same
just the classmates
suddenly increase so many as v combined wif sem 2 and sem 4 students

only 3 sub for this semester
and its a short semester , only 7 weeks

oh , no no !!
the philip san always remind us ..
' minus the 1 week for CNY , actually v just left 6 weeks '
this sentences had been repeated for so many times by him
and its fucking annoying

another lecture which just ngam ngam back from the honey moon ,
Ms Karen , was just pretty nice ..
she b our course tutor when v was in sem 1

the last 1 will b Ms Charis
another lame lecture
the subject is seriously damn lame
and she keep saying the lame joke
and she like to L.O.L. by her own
so .. totally just LAME

classmates is just awesome to me
as i said its the brand new year
and everything should hav some changes

throw away all those bad attitude
is time to fight for my goal , and present well for my future

gambateh !!

[ a little bit geli ...
its remind me the japanese class which is also taugh by the ALIENT ]

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