Thursday, January 8, 2009

29 dec

hey hey hey ......
a small gathering of 5 mulia @ kanna curry hse , menjalara
anyway .. some 5 murni fella attended too .. XD

wat so popular there was banana leaf
they used banana leaf instead of using plate
the food there was quite delicious actually
but sometimes their service just super sucks ..
just like wtf
but i still in love wif their food ...... @@

pictures session again ..

spot the siao pei **

zhen yi n me


wai kit

chee fai

kah wei

min wei ** wen en ** siao pei ..
wen en is just so coincident point at me n i capture it .. =)

v were actually damn enjoy there
some of us using hand to eat
ya , me 2
but some of us just cant used to it n is dirty for them
so they used spoon n fork lor

wat food to recomment here were the rendang lamb n fried chicken are reli awesome

spot the kah wei , acting cute there
eiu ~~~

after a while
edmond , carol , simon , chen yi n tai meng joined us

the gals

the guys

n then 5 MULIA

v keep talking n talking
then laughing n laughing like no body business
n ... v decided to our next round which at station 1

i was facing my laptop there
while some of them r playing poker , games , chatting ....

i ciaoz early due to my mom ...
she very noisy ~~~

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