Saturday, September 20, 2008


watch 3 movie recently ..
went wif ssense ~~

1 is [ black water ]

so called truth story / event

v missed the front part , about 40 mins like tat ..
v still catch up wat does they act
but the ending was like ..
' har .. finish d r ?? '
so its kinda sucks movie i can say ..

another 1 is [ body ]

thailand movie
this is not scary , eveything is like very fake
but its bring meaning
u can feel tat there is a story there ..
score 7/10

last 1 is [ babylon ]

this movie watch wif edmund also
tat day he didn bring along his spec ..
like a little bit suffer la him ..
pity ~~

this movie r ..
worst ler
i cant even catch wat they trying to say about ..
blur blur ~~
not reli like this movie

ya .. remember tat day was wed , public holiday
i woke up early in de morning
went to the mini market which near my hse
bough this n tat then back home prepare lunch for S$ n edmund
after all ..
went to S$'s office
hav lunch , play DJ there , take pictures ...

finally wif out wif the pic which i used to b my title background pic ..
cool rite ??

thx edmund la ~~

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