Monday, September 1, 2008

GF ? BF ?

who can tell me ?
y should v get into gf or bf this kind of relationship ?

it was so tiring ...
tiring always missing the person
always care bout the person
always try to satisfy the person
always try not to quarrel wif the person
always think wat to do for the person
always spend money on the person

its a job ...
its kind of job
to b each other bf or gf
perhaps can its a freelance job ..
u can never get salary
just sometimes will bring u happy
bring u sad
bring u heart break

cant blame
everything is run naturally
v dunno wat will happen on tml
dunno who is goin to appear in our life later on even tml

just my life
many ppl comes in
many thing happen in a sudden
i felt like i not yet catch up everything
i not yet use to it
the thing leave me edy
so fast
until i dunno wats goin on

life becomes complicated

i'm still blur

i'm lost ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

bring me back pls ...

who can bring me back ??