Monday, September 1, 2008

went out n hav dinner wif siao pei , eric n john last weekend
feel so good man ~~
long time no c ..
miss them lots !!

plan to eat the dry bak kut teh 1 ..
but then v r late n its no more d ..
sob sob
so change place lor

i forgot the name of the restaurant
but is somewhere near the chandran , aman puri
iisshh ..

oopsy .. i always 4got to take b4 v eat

the food here not reli nice
the service bad also ..

anyway ..

this is me n siao pei

me n eric

me n john

v didn chat much tat day
coz my stupid sis
wanna go fetch her this n tat
irritating !!

after dinner v go back d ..

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