Monday, September 1, 2008

merdeka eve

as i mentioned b4
there is an event at Waikiki too , TTDI Plaza

honestly ...
quiet boring lor
the event start late n end early ...
but everything still run smoothly
should thx to our MC , Ms yati
she is reli ging ~~

this is the entrance ..
i m usher today ..
[ c .. work at entrance again .. ]

lets c the interior of it
its quite small actually ..
n there is a smell
make me felt very uncomfort ~

jane , mao n me b4 change clothes

the gals after change clothes

ok , lets start 1 by 1

she is our head of this event , Natalie

the sexy gal ~~

jane n me , v used to called her old jane

teresa n me
she is younger than us ler ..

jun haw n me , used to called him long bean as well
coz he reli too tall

long bean , me n elaine

n then the cute gal .. farhah n me

this is better

Ms Farisha n me

lala n me

n then the main actor here is ham ...
c his hair n face ...
god ~~
how dare him

Ms Karen n me

rowena n me
still remember her ?
she is the 1 who work wif me at the entrance there during the 3 kingdom job

teresa n me again ..

the event end at 9.45
han jim come n fetch me n then v went to the curve

meet his fren there ..
n then they said wan change place to bamboo9
foot ~~
i just back from there wat ..
so , i didn follow at the end

m en jim went to M.O.S for a while
just reach the entrance there to meet his fren

i tell u
smth reli stupid happen

1 person longgar me
he purposly do tat to me lor
its so obvious
n then i scold ' FUCKER '
the bastard never turn back his face
but when he walk til corner there
he turn back n saw i still looking at him
he shout ' FUCK YOU ' 2 me
bloody hell
i felt like wan bunch him lor
fucking shit !!

aftertat , jim drop me at barcelonan he went bamboo9
i went to meet my senior
lala , tony , jane , mao , n joe win

but the time i reach there
our dai lou , lala is not there d

this is jane n me

mao n me

tony n me

n then 3 of us

[ mao's eyes got prob ]

herm ..
wat i think bout barcelona ?

i dun like there ..
i saw many ' seafood ' there ..
spoil my eyes man ~~
n tat day was reli crowded like hell
when i saw tat , no mood to club d lor
sienz ~~
just done a little bit dancing n drink

3-ish then ciaoz lor

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