Wednesday, September 10, 2008

dream hse

party at yih wei's new hse last sunday which is merdeka day

damn damn damn nice !!
dun wanna leave there also ~~

its a triple-story hse
a middle size rearing pond
a small cinema ..
n so on ~~

this i took from the 3rd floor ..

the scenery outside study room

ok ..
actually v r having BBQ Dinner there ..

i do luv the environment
its reli pretty awesome

tats the back of his hse

guoyao n me

jack n me

the drunk yih wei n me ~~

tat day i drank alot of alcoholic drink
red wine + white whine + beer
weird thing is .. i never get drunk ~~

miracle ~~

1 comment:

浪子 said...

ur fren's hse so nice~