Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When apologize speaks nothing at all

It's the song "It's too late to apologize"
Yeah !! Fuck yeah !!

I would say, November is just not my month ! Definitely not ! Things screwed up, hell tension on career, and you know what... Tears drop too frequent ! Why? Cause I take things too seriously perhaps.

I'm lost that I dunno where can I go
I'm sad that I got no where to go
I'm disappointed that I'm just too weak !

It's night time again, for the awkward moment like now, I hate night time til the max. Everything came attack me..
Memories tells me how sweet are we used to be, hp shows me how long can we chat for the day, Songs remind me how hurt it is, Presents reminds me of arguement, Bed refresh back the bedtime story..... Everything, contained 'YOU'

I'm just not that tough as I thought, I'm just a little girl, I'm just selfish, I'm just falling too deep into you.

Damn it !!

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