Thursday, December 1, 2011

Great Love , Right Love

Yves's article :

I know from my deep heart, there's love called 'Let go'
I know very clearly, of what should I do
Just I'm too stubborn, I don't feel like doing both.

Love is so amazing that bring us joy and sadness in anyway. It does melt our heart when we see the love one scarified anything for us, do something sweet for us, cook our favourite meal or even just a simple outing or dating. It also made tears when arguement happens, things doesn't turn up as expected or lies appear.

Meeting the right person at the wrong time
Meeting the wrong person at the right time

Find your Mr. / Ms. right in these thousands, billions of peoples... Its Hard ?? I got no idea.. But when get together, have you ever imagine that it's two peoples getting together ? That so called two become one. It may be two totally different peoples whom tight up together, or opposite way that two similar people catches each others. After all, is LOVE that hold us on.

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