Monday, January 2, 2012

VKA Corporate Shoot

It has been a while, I suppose to upload this post last year xD

VKA Wealth Planner Sdn Bhd is my current company, based at Puchong IOI Boulevard. A very nice working environment, provided with the support from our team and also the proven success system. Kindly click on the link above, and 'LIKE' our fb page. Thx ya !

Many people surprise that I went into this field, and they very concerning for the reason behind. Let me share a little bit here, I choose this career is for long term purposes.
1) This business can give me passive income, which mean even if I'm not working, there's still income for me on monthly basis.
2) By figure out my ideal income, this is the business that can fulfill my ideal income.
3) What car I want to drive? What house I want to live? How long I aim to achieve it?
4) This business is about team work as well, work hard with your team, you may get even higher income.
5) There's already a proven success system, simply follow that, success is just next door to you.

Basically, why I said it's for long term, is just because through this platform, ur income will grow bigger and bigger, you can achieve what you want if you work hard on it.

I practice a lots of visualization, to visualize who will I become in 5 years time, how's my lifestyle will be, and what kind of income I'm earning in 5 years time, 10 years time or even longer, then what can I do for my family, what can I do for myself ... Yea, no doubt, this is all money money $$$$, but aren't you work hard just for money as well?
Friends, plan for your future, be specific on what you want to achieve and when you would like it to be.

I do enjoy working with these bunch of colleagues, and our average age is just 25 years old. Youngsters mix around, with the fighting spirit, we supporting each other and work happily together.

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