Saturday, January 7, 2012

All About Lovin' You

I listening to Bon Jovi's songs.. With his sexy voice, I feel love, and it's so much of it!

A song named "Always".
I used not to listen to it, but today it melt my heart, not because of Bon Jovi but because of him. He used to sing and shout this song.... I always starred at him and ask him to shut up! But now, god know how much I miss it.

"Thank you for loving me" I always said I love him, but I seldom say Thank you for loving me. Thanks my love, for being my eyes when I couldn't see, for being with me whenever I need you, for giving me your full support and so on so on so on.... I can never finish it, now, I'm just too late to appreciate it.

You stay strong in my heart, do I either? Me love, "What do you got?" You got love, you got me, stay here for you forever...

Just remember....

"All about lovin' you"

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