Saturday, January 14, 2012

December Momentum

Last month of year 2011, I decide to run, run as fast as I can.... I just wanna prove that I can do so... I kept the positive thinking, I told myself, I already WON in the game! Yea, I set it in my mind.

Guess what, with the high spirit of mine & my partner, we both work together and WON every week, to be the top among all of my colleagues. I feel good and happy definitely, and that was a breakthrough for me as well. Then we have a portluck celebration at Eileen's (My partner) house.

Cloud View Condo, so 'pro' the name ... yet defined exactly as this...

The night view from their balcony. Awesome isn't ?

Back to the portluck celebration, I decide to DIY sushi, for the 2 cuttiiees to play around as well.

Ryeanne & Rachel

I don't have the recipe of making sushi, I just refer to youtube, and agak-agak only lor ... Got my ingredient prepared from Tesco, carrot, crab meat, rice, and seaweed. No doubt that DIY sushi is full of fun, the 2R happily 'helping' me, but poor them, kept scold by the mummy.

Here you go, the outcome :

I will only rate 2/10 for it, sticky rice, tasteless, and ugly. Still need a lots of practice thou =)

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