Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kota Kinabalu

Travel mafia ~~ haha ... I'm so pampered and enjoy it ... =D

After Bandung trip, I got another family trip to KK. Flight ticket were extremely cheap, only RM32 for 2 ways flight ! Haha, U aren't wrong, it's reli RM32 only !!

Thanks for Eric and Sunny for the kind information about KK, where should we go, where got nice food and bla bla ...
By the way, our accommodation wasn't that satisfying, back-packers style hotel and the another chalet was so geli, dirty... Kiram's Village @ Kundasang , PLEASE DO NOT STAY THERE !

The first time I travel with my big family, I got 2 mummy and 2 daddy, 2 elder brother, 1 elder sister, 2 younger brother and 1 younger sister. Wow ~~~ That's my god parents la =)

Continue next post for more photos ya ... Patient =)

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