Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bandung is for cheap and tasty food

Apologize for the late update for Bandung trip ...
It was an awesome trip I would say, everything there were so cheap, included their food, shopping, accommodation etc.

Pictures say a thousand words, enjoy ya =)

Our apartment was clean and satisfying. Mirrows everywhere, looks grand.

The first night we had our dinner settled at Bandung's most expensive restaurant.

The view is similar to our Look out point @ Ampang.

The environment was awesome as well, windy, and just romantic enough for couple date.

We have Western food for dinner. Sorry for unprofessional photograph.

Even though it was the most expensive restaurant, but in average, each of us spent only RM60, and our meal comes with a king prawn, super worth it !

2nd day :-

The first meal of the day, simple breakfast

Then we depart to Chenyi's uni, to have a look at her uni and also her lifestyle over there.
She brought us to their usual dine place. The first meal we had ..

Their 'Bek Bek' is duck actually, the one with red hot chilli on top. Then the other 1 was chicken, and sambal kangkung. The vege is super cheap, it's only 1.20 in Malaysia Ringgit !
Rated 9/10 for this !

Then the second meal, which located just opposite the place we had our 1st meal. I forgot the name, but basically is the fried chicken putted inside their soup. Wasn't attracted by it's outlook right, but taste good thou =)
Rated 7.5/10

After the proper meal, we walk around to look for their 'junk food' or I should call it 'small food' ?

What I eating is 'Gehu' = Tauge + Toufu
Thumb up !! Spicy enough, Syok !

Batagor, the only food which I totally cant accept. Taste like smelly taufu, very geli =(

Dessert after that, Potong ice-cream

Then we proceed to the famous bridge, the most historical left over in Bandung.

Dinner time, the driver took us to a very nice restaurant, for their ikan bakar.

Rice wrapped in Pandan leaf, very nice of them =)

This is the recommended drink, Avocoffee = Avocado + coffee
Wasn't suitable for me at all, ieeuuu ~~~

Then they have chilli sauce, all kind of it ... =)

Next, we asked the driver to bring us for this fried chicken. We do surprised him as we keep ask him about nice food and he said we were really 'kuat makan'

The very famous 'Suharti Fried Chicken'. Nothing special actually, rated 6/10

Another specialty about Bandung is they were famous with Factory outlet. They have tons of it, but only 'Rumah Mode', the most fashionable and suitable for us. We paid a visit on 2nd day night and also the 3rd day morning. All in all, I only get myself 2 dresses.

The night view of it.

The day view

3rd Day :-

The day we visit to the volcano, very beautiful, weather was awesome too.

Their flea market, just located beside the volcano.

Then .... eat again !

Taufu + Chilli padi, walao !! Super the syok ! Never thought both of them can match that perfectly. Thumbsss up !
Another thing to mentioned is, it's only 20 cents for each taufu.

Mee Baso with beef balls. Simple and nice.

Night time, we had our dinner in the jungle. It's truely beyond our expectations !

The environment was amazing !

And the seat is like a pondok. Everyone got their own pondok which you can fully enjoy your meal.

This was our pondok.

Please knock the bamboo for help or call for the waitress. Cool right ?

Could you please imagine, with this kind of environment and we ordered 5 sets of meal, which included pizza, fried rice, satay, duck rice, chicken chop, and our drinks, it's just cost us RM20 per person. Cant imagine ? Then please pay a visit there, I really miss their food now, so badly .....

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