Thursday, June 4, 2009


Dear and me decided out for dinner
but we have no idea where to dine , so we find at metro prima there

I admit that I am really a bit leceh about what to eat ...
[ sry la my dear ]
but we end up having the steamboat BBQ buffet

they have plenty of choice

and this is just part of our 's ..

I'm quite in love with their preserve meat ...
while dear like to eat seafood

prawn , lala .... all those have shell 1

and end up ....
he is just a hungry ghost ~~

we were so so so full after that
so I recommend to go desa park for a walk ..
and meet up with my I.O there as well

I like the environment at desa park city
and I do love to spend my time there with dear after dinner
then we have our talk session , and playing around
sometimes even sing there ... =)


I felt lovely and warm whenever I stay in his hug

last but not least

he just SS-ing la ...
see his face, and wear sun-glass during the nite time ..

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