Saturday, June 13, 2009


feel like blogging smth here ....
but I've no idea what to post ...
just talk about my recent life shall we ?

my life was either buzy or very buzy ...
tons of assignment to be finish
tons of presentation to be present
and tons of pressure to be face
this semester is really very tiring la my frenz ...

lets see :
16/6 - public speaking presentation
17/6 - marketing presentation & accounting test 2
18/6 - malaysian study final exam
20/6 - wine tasting event
22/6 - accounting assignment due date

can you imagine that ...
everything have to finish in this holy week
even though we were actually been informed earlier , but we have not much time to prepare actually , and all of us used to be last minutes ... =(

another announcement here
I will be working in THE STAR for my internship , which is August - December
there are prons and cons
--> its a very big company which I can improve my public relationship and I have the chance to know more and more people
--> but then becoz of its a very big company , I will be place in certain department for sure , which means I can only learn limited things .. unless they are willing to change our department every 2 months perhaps ?
--> and my classmates noes me well ... they noes wats the other cons ... that make me suffer a lot ..
!@#$%^&* [ oh my amitabah ]

guess what ..
I called my sis and chat for almost 1 hr
and she is now at Singapore =.=''
wao ... so interesting hur ?
this is the 1st time I called her and talk in the phone for so long
I need a heart talk so much ... and lastly , she became my victim
I felt so much better after the talk ...
she did explained to me , help me to figure out the reason , educated me and of course wif some advice ..
perhaps this is what I should do , to improve the relationship of mine

I hate to quarrel wif u ...
dun like to hurt u , and in the same way , I dun like been hurt by you as well
I dun want to be so selfish and I wish u too
when you love some1 ... this is what u should do
no tears anymore please ... and I love Yoy babe !!

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