Tuesday, June 9, 2009

babe's birthday

oh ... its long long time ago la
but I lazy to update the blog =(


I went to Shogun for lunch wif dear n his family ...
to celebrate dear's birthday

the food there just so so only
those seafood not that fresh anymore
the ice-cream not tat nice also
and i found out the mash potato machine there ...
oh .. swt =.=''
and guess what
we meet kah wei and his family there ... damn coincident wei

after lunch , went for shopping wif his family
ehhem hem .... future mother in law & father in law ? =)

dear's youngest bro
age 13 but act like 10 only ....

dear spot a long pants at Giodano
but too bad , no 1 purchase for him ...
but his mom bought a jeans for his bro ......
haha .. poor him ~~ lolz

after that, me and dear shop our ownself
since his parent goin back soon

nth much actually ...
just show some pic here ba

solo me

dear checking his purse ... coz he wan buy the V-neck shirt *.*

and lastly
a sweet kiss for the birthday boy ...


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