Monday, March 2, 2009

the valentines day

6pm now ...
i dun even touch the notes of mice project work which i will sitting for this paper tml
wthell .......... =.=''
i just no mood wei ..

the weather lately was so so so suck ..
but for sure ..
i ate a lot grapes and apple to prevent sick ..


ok .. as i mentioned last time ..
the exact valentine day i will b at langkawi ..
so the dear pass the day himself ..
then our celebration was 1 week after the exact date

actually ..
i was wondering why must we celebrate outside and eat outside ?
those itallianese , TGIF , sakae or watever restaurant bla bla
is always full of peoples during the ' super peak ' day

but anyway .. this will not b my choice of celebration
we celebrate at home .....

i did told my fren how r v goin to celebrate ..
they like so suprise .. O.O
but for me is just normal thing ..
perhaps this is wat i oways do for him ..
so ... ya ~~
[ sry, if u feel i m ' sai mang-ing ' ]

dear came to my hse around 9 smth ..
accompanied me sleep 4 a while
then he started to do his job

dun wanna type ..
picture will tell u everything

----- the preparation -----

----- cooking -----

this is actually brought from outside ...
is the most bad taste among all ..





he very proud of what he did

okay ..
this is the 1st time he cook for me ..
and i was keep disturbing him and laugh at him ..
haha .. sry lor =p

all the dishes tasted pretty nice ..
i appreciate everything tat u did for me ya ..

aftertat , v went to 1u for some window shopping
and actually i got an appointment wif 1 fren .. but at last he ffk
ok .... nvm ..... i hav a great time spent wif my dear ^^

went to eat guai ling gou ..
my favourite food ever ~~

nth special .....
tats all for the celebration

ciaoz ~~

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