Sunday, March 15, 2009


remember i wrote at the fb last time ..
my frenz said tat KKB stand for kukubird
but actually, its represent Kuala Kubu Bharu
its my hometown

i back to hometown on this thurs n fri
i do love the place, the environment , the air
just sometimes hot like hell , especially at the afternoon
but i still very relax whenever i back there

i took train to go back ......
erm .. roughly 1 hr lor

the sky ... bluuuueeeee ~~

the hse ....
not very nice but comfortable

went to my relative's hse
which they having ' xi shi '
the youngest son marry party
just a simple celebration as u know ....
kampung kampung ma

wat i did there was play wif the 2 babies
such a long long time i didn play wif this age baby
oh ...... extremely cute & adorable
and this age babe will not cry tat often coz they still dunno how to recognize ppl

here's the pic

the sister of the 2 babies

hey ... y i wrote babIES ?
coz they r twin .. can u recognize ?
and lets guess wat gender are there


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