Tuesday, March 24, 2009

19th birthday

i m officially 19 now

how did i celebrate my birthday ...
its would sound very pityful ...
but wat to do ... ??

i spent almost the whole day wif the TV
yeah ... from 9am - 7pm
its reli break my record of watching tv
this is becoz normally i will not sit in front the TV for more than 2 hrs ..
and it was became lesser n lesser
until the average of watching tv is only 10 mins per day
erm ... dun ask me why ..
i just dun like to do that =)

but today ...
i sat at the sofa there ...
keep changing pose for the comfortable sit
then holding the remote control
press this n tat
i even just spent time wif the ' lappie ' for mayb only 2 hrs
its so amazing man ~~
how did i do tat ?

initially i plan to hav a party at a restaurant which located at ampang
i found out that restaurant which is reli reli awesome
but coz of the distance and the transportation prob
i forced to canceled it
and end up at home watching tv
but anyway
i will back to the restaurant very very soon
wif my colleague or the love 1 or frenz
i already miss it damn much now !!

back to the celebration
i had my dinner wif minnie and wilson at dragon-i , the curve

the 1st birthday cake

this 2 person is my I.O

minnie n me here

minnie is my best fren now ..
v used to chit-chat like no body business
she noe everything about me
and i noe her quite well

then i go back home around 10pm
coz the frenz gonna come to my hse for 2nd round celebration

then the 2nd birthday cake

the birthday girl

dear n me

v chit chat and drink
tiger beer , red label and also the black label
but yeah .. cant finish for sure

henry n me

hong yee and me

kaisven n me

tan jing n me

and lastly dear wif me

thx to every1
either birthday wishes by facebook, frenster or sms
reli appreciate it
and also frenz that celebrate wif me ^^
ya .. thx the TV for accompany me the whole day as well

em .. 2nd part of my birthday will b upload soon
my birthday present and also the other day out wif colleague perhaps =)