Friday, November 2, 2007

happy b!rThd@y to uuu

today our form 5 dai lou's birthday ..
wuhoo ...

y'day nite already plan ..
discuss wif chen yi say wan how n how ..
so today ...
early in da morning ..
giv shawn a big big suprise ..

hoho . i noe u very touch ..
almost wan hug me n cry d rite ..
ngek ngek ....

anywhere ...
this is de last yr v can stay together ..
n u hav been done so many things for us ..
for ur fren , our class ..
luv u so much lar dear ..

iisshh ..
i still remember when v quarrel
how long v didn talk to each other ya ??
say honestly lar ..
tat time ..
i nth edy de .. just scare to talk wif u ..

ok .. as de conclusion ..
happy birthday to u my dear fren !!!
wish ur dream comes true ..
all de best for ur SPM ..
muacks !!

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