Wednesday, November 7, 2007

half graduated

today is de last day i go to school ..
( em .. if dun count de SPM period lar )

went to school like normal ..
meet frenz ..
the 1st sentences v said is
' long time no c '

mulia gangz this yr ..
reli ging lar ..
go school one day
then holiday one week ..
kepp on like this ler wei ..

studying at home ??
kaka ..
who noes ?

get this ...
excited ?
dun think so ..
coz it juz a cover for our report card ..
v haven get de sijil berhenti sek ..

today also de 1st day n last day i hug teacher ..
hoho ..
so touch ler .. make me wann cry edy ...

its like tat ,
every student hav to receive teacher's blesses
n v 握手 wif teacher ..
so when c those teacher tat teach us one ..
female teacher will hug us .. n bless us ..
at 1st i never think tat i'll cry ..
but at last .. i juz almost cry ..
tears not yet out .. lolz
de 1st time ..
i saw so many teachers cry ..

not like other ppls ..
v didn countdown for spm ..
but countdown for our merdeka ..
yes ..
26 days more ..
some even less ..
hoho ..
reli happy ler !!

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