Wednesday, November 7, 2007

again ..

ok .. happened again ..

accident !!

monday afternoon ..
hav lunch wif dear n kah wei at kopitiam ..
after tat go back from KIP there lor ..

when i at de t-junction ..
preparing to turn right ..
another lori is at my left hand side ..
de driver drive like cow ..
very ' long sei ' 1 ler
he also wan turn right 1 ..

at tat moment , i noe tats a lori beside me ..
but i never notice tat its a long long lori ..
i just keep on looking on my right hand side ..
n try to turn right ..
de lori turn faster than me ..
n u noe lar ..
de long long lori ..
must got skill to turn one rite ?
n de stupid stupid driver ..
never c properly ..
eventhough got car hon him .. he never stop ..
until he cant turn anymore ..
he only noe tat
my car cant move ..
cant reverse , can move forward also ..
til de lori reverse , my car follow it reverse ..
damn shit !!

at tat time .. i very very angry ..
how come got this ppl one ??
n his face tell me he so bu suang me ..
n tats my fault ..
fuck !!

ok , nvm ...
v stop at a side n 讲数
he's a idiot pork malay guy

actually i dunno wat should i do ..
i never ' meet ' this case b4 ..
i called aunt .. then aunt ask my uncle come also ..

at 1st
pork say just pay me 100 ..
hey pork ..
u so 天真 。。
100 enough for me to pay de repair fees ?

bla bla bla ..
he said if report to police no good ..
said its for my own good ..
coz i'm still P ..

then say pay 150 ...

then .. uncle came ..
finally , he pay 200 ..

aunt tell me ..
she think tat de pork's license sure got problem 1 ..
if not y he keep say dun report to police ..
n finally he willing to pay 200 also ..

iisshh .. watever lar !!

ok .. its lucky i didn get hurt ..
but mentally hurt !!!

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deathcursed said...

see u so charm .. accident 1 ppl comment for u also no.. haiz.. i so good..