Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My 22nd Birthday


A day to thanks the beloved mummy and daddy, thanks for bringing me into this world...

Thanks to the colleagues, they brought me a cake, and it's my favourite fruit cake !

I did not expect anything from the colleagues as I keep it so secretly to myself.. Yet, a birthday song and cake melted me, warm to the max.

And guess what, Teoh K.W, one of my colleague who always like to fool around with me, he 'invited' me to collect my flower from the reception counter. Mother of god ?! I never believe him until I saw the deliver man waiting me at the reception counter.

Well, I got a big surprise. I never receive this big banquet of flower, and it's blue roses.
Thanks to 'Nobody', u got my 'wow' ! :)

Again, I just had a simple dinner with the only person. With any reason, I just intend to have a simple celebration, no bunch of mates with me, no huha, no presents... I enjoying this kind of environment, as life is just as simple as that.

Last weekend, the lovely twins back to town again. I grab that opportunity and brought them to Dreamz bakery.. A lovely place, well decorated with fairy tale theme.
Count it as another belated birthday celebration with them, we had the original favor thousand layered cake & Opera. I personally like the layered cake, yet still can't fight with the Malacca one.

Simply love them, and kids reflected exactly like what you do to them.
I would call it a 'naked love' ?

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weng said...

Belated blessing. .
Happy Birthday..^^chukha hamnida^^