Sunday, April 1, 2012


Sorry for the late update ... It has been awhile again >.<
Life goes on as today was 1st of April ! Can't imagine how fast the time flies ... and the first quarter of the year gone!

Back to my title, "iFamily"
Wonder what's this ?? Let me do a short brief about this company ya.

iFamily is created for all Gadget & Fashion Fans because they love to dress up the gadget & enjoy lifestyle consumer products just like everyone...... They are the largest distributor for Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Product Accessories with more than 30 brands from US, Europe & South East Asia.

Here you go, their kiosk located at Pavilion, just near to Bonia.

Smart phone has became the basic needs for everybody, and with all these 'clothing', ain't it enhance the outlook, or even make it more interesting ? They have more iPhone cover, from the basic, to stylish, cartoonish, and even modern. So many for you to choose from....

Here are some pictures,

- Disney Series -

- Polka Dots Series - It's just a sticker !

There are really tons of them ... And they mostly cover Apple, a.k.a Mac product..
iphone & iPad

Get their updates from their Facebook page from time to time, or from their website.
Click on it to stand a chance to win some freebiessss !! and please do not forget to visit their kiosk whenever you go Pavilion !


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