Sunday, May 22, 2011

We are qualified now

It's been 2 months ago for my birthday .... oops, paiseh

Birthday ain't special for me but special for both of my parents. Thanks for giving birth on me and thanks for giving me the special family members I have. So for this year, I make sure my family will not absent for my birthday celebration.

Here you go, the simple lunch with my family and aunt's family.

Then I got another special mates who celebrate with me too, the fellow Kotra colleagues
A very funny and friendly colleagues I have, feel good to work together with them.

And of course, not to left out the super duper special 1

I choose just to dinner with him instead of the bunch mates. Perhaps I'm really getting old , I just wan simple celebration will do. Thanks babe for the present too, it melts my heart, won my tears !

Y'day was the another birthday celebration for babe and Hong yee. We have our dinner at Plus One Shabu Shabu, 1u.

Then the 2nd round at The beer factory. It's fun to see our little girl, eunice who get drunk y'day.

Last but not least
Happy belated birthday to Hong Yee, and Happy birthday in advance to Edmund !

We are officially qualified to the casino now ! =p

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