Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just feel like throwing rubbish here

Yea, like my title of the post, I treated here as the rubbish bin...
Duh ~~~ How can I cope with 'THIS' ?? Sort of 'out of sudden' but in fact it might be 'expected'.

Yes! again, I'm fucking selfish !! I couldn't understand your feeling and I do not know how's that feel actually. I tried to take what you're facing now, and I found it seems so true to be believe. I cannot control that as I'm just nothing to you, perhaps. I never expect it to be so strong feeling and it really getting more and more complicated.
Why am I taking it so seriously ? Doesn't it seems fucking stupid ??

Life is simply what our feeling do to us
So mean yet so true. If I would say I just wanna follow my feeling, that's just bullshit. How could a person make the decision by just follow the feeling ? Anyhow, I wish I could, so that things got easier to settle, it's just non of my business, sounds good ?
But life just so short for us to live. Don't ever give yourself a chance for such a thing called REGRET ! Yet to avoid regret you have to think deeply, one, two, three, four, ten times, thousands times ... I'm currently in this stage, no matter how deep I go, I couldn't get a conclusion/answer for myself.

Again, Why should you give a damn har Cheryl ?? Please make up your mind !!

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