Saturday, September 4, 2010

What's Next ?

This isn't the first time to think for my future. I bet everyone go through this situation. Peoples tend to ask 'What's next after Form 5 ?' , 'What's next after A-levels?' , 'What's next after Pre-U?' and so forth .... So many 'What's next' to be think of..... Now, What's next after my graduation ?

I been through working life when I having my internship at The Star. I complained the 9-5 life is too boring and dull with just repeating their same events every year. And then I been through the exact event company, and the event is something I never experience and expect before. That's new to me and it's interesting, yet no happy ending at the end, everything screw up just because of the ridiculous reason.

I hate but have to accept the fact that when you grow older, there's more issues you need to cope with. Now, what should I do ? Go back to event field ? education line ? (which I've been offered a very good opportunity and career) wedding houses ? airlines ? or just freelance part-timer for this 4 months ? I don't feel like wasting my time and lepak everyday... I wanna fully utilize this 4 months, in additional, this is the best way for me not to remember and think of the one who is currently at Chelmsford.

Well, LIFE is simple yet difficult ....

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