Thursday, September 2, 2010

丁噹 - Fu Good

Just back from my Cheong-K session with ma bf & Kah Wei ... I'm not in da mood at first so I tried "Waka Waka" to bring me up. Ok, may be not only me but Kah Wei as well was also bored, the song did not boil us up, but I getting better after that.

Then I got this song, "Feel Good". Wuhoo ~~~ Not bad thou. I'm finally in the mood.

I miss the time when I have fun with my college classmates. The first time for all of us to hang out and sing song together. The room is big enough to have our own dance floor. We played the clubbing song and dance inside ... Raorrr ~~~ High sial =D

Can you imagine our room is with the LCD Projector as our screen

And there is 2 more LCD TV beside ...
Spot from both picture up and down.

** PS: This is Neway @ Subang SS15

Gosh !! I miss those time so badly .... When is our next gathering babessss ???

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