Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spain Tonight !!

Wuhooo ..... got my Spain Home jersey here ... freaking happy =D

My superb, although it look too big for me .. It's Guy's size, size M. Aiks, what to do? they got no more size but left this , should say I'm the lucky one already =)

How's my exam ? Haha, I'm done with 2 tough paper, and felt so damn release now. Went to shopping with the sister y'day, shop from Sunway Pyramid to 1u and then The Curve, from 2pm-9pm , Can't imagine how hardcore are we... But I'm the victim actually, I wanna back home so much, and miss my bed so badly =(

One more paper on Thurs, and I'm going to watch the WC to9 at outside, or tomorrow midnight indeed. SHOUT FOR SPAIN WHOLE NIGHT LONG !!! =D The match is 2.30am - 4.30am, 5am will reach home ? Then 7am depart to college .... 9am - 11am exam ... Thumbs up babe !! =D After that gonna have the sweet sweet time with my beloved classmates !!! Can't wait Can't wait !!

Bought myself a maxi dress ^^ ngam ngam suitable for my Redang trip on the end of July .. and the price is just reasonable

And I spotted this Puma Ferrari's Bag ... OMG , so in love !! The price is just same as 1 Jersey ... Ok, My next target maybe =)

Off to study now .... Bye ^^