Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Oopsy, having the World Cup fever lately, until I forgot to post about my best friends' birthday celebration. Here you go, for Kah Wei and Eunice =)

They look sweet here =p

We decided to try Maxican food at Jaya One, and they were famous with the World 3rd Spicy chilli. Wow, really Hooouuuttt !!!

Me and the birthday girl

The girls

And the guys

Little suprise from Frontera

Small request here, I've asked them to put the chili inside the cake, this 2 were happy eating at first and then suddenly Eunice ask: How come spicy spicy one?

Yea, they ate the chili and actually all of us does. I requested for the real chili, it was so small size yet can kill you man. Btw, they selling this chili for RM3 each, can you imagine?

Hmm, since we were here, why not we try on the real chili ? I started to challenge them and we try on the real chili. I knew it will be absolutely hot and spicy, hence I just simply bite a bit. omFg, you can feel the hot after few second! Hong Yee and the others tried also, but they were a bit greedy lor, result as below =)

Hong Yee

Henry, tears came out jor =(

I've no idea we drank how many glasses of cold water, yet it was really a good try. Lol. Even the waitress laught at us, and some even told us their experience too. As my friend said, they cut the chili into 3, and everyone took each. At the end of the day, everyone vomit like hell. Guess no Malaysian can tahan the spicy-ness...

See, it just as small as that, but people will cry cause of it.

Last but not least, Group photo here

Is this looks more like anniversary cake ?

Once again, spot the Hooouuutttiieee !!

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