Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm boring in the office ... so decided to blog a while =)

Dear frenz , you may think I've gone crazy ...
Please calm down and listen for this announcement,


Wao !! cant believe ?
Yea, me, myself think so........

Who's the one keep blaming how bad is the work?
Who's the one keep count-downing since 2 months ago?
Who's the one keep blaming how boring here?
yada~~ yada ~~
End up, Who's the one volunteer to extend the internship ....???

Ok, let me explain....
I've put so much effort for the upcoming The Star Education Fair 2010
I never seen the set up for such a big event, from the Hall 1 - Hall 5 of KLCC
I wanted so much to participate for the event setup day, so this is my main reason.

Secondly, The F***tart leaving us very very soon !!! He resigned !!
Haha, you never know how happy am I here, oops, should be all the colleagues here =)
Since they have not much man power, and Crawford is still very new, he not yet catch up everything here, so this is my 2nd reason.

Lastly, I've mentioned on my facebook, I like some of the colleague here...
Like in the sense of like to work together, learn things from them and we can talk watever we want.
I knew I was quite late to get used and into this working environment, but it's so much better than nothing right ? =D

Anyway, I cant wait for the school life to start again !!
I miss all my college frenz !!!

And, I going for Twilight New Moon to9, on leave tml and holiday on Friday !!
yahoo~~ Long break

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