Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm not in a good mood nor bad mood ...
Just felt so bored, the PPS loading slow, the bf bz wif assign, I have no idea how to start my report, so I decide to crab abit here and there in my blog....

I worked @ Sepang b4 for the Moto GP
the weather of the 1st days was sucks ...
We was suffering of standing under the hot sun ... sweating the whole day... At the end of the day, all of us get sun burn, even me ... the 1 whom skin colour hardly turn dark even went to beach for an afternoon ...
wao, suprise me man ~~
Anyway, I doesn't reli care about my skin colour... XD

Make new frenz of course ... and I meet another Cheryl from Tissot itself .. She was extremely cute and all of us like her so much ...
Here she is

other show girls ....




And me in our booth


oh yea ... forgot to mention, The B now working as part time Crown as well
He was quite enjoying and satisfy with the pay, so no objection from me =)

some of my pic here AGAIN
spot these dress

oopsy , same pose huh ... ?

cant think of anything else to blog ...
- e.m.p.t.y -

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