Monday, October 6, 2008


recently i was working at the curve 's borders

working for celcom
selling celcom U.O.X & S.O.X. pax
U = university , for 18 - 25 age ppl
S = school , for 12-18 age ppl

actually v giving out free sim pax
just u need to do a reload wif us on the spot , n u can get another RM10 for free within 7 days

i read the comparison between celcom wif holink n digi
its reli much more cheaper

celcom offer 8 favourite no. which might is ur frenz or family
sms wif this 8 ppls is only half cents , RM0.05
voice call is only 10 cents per mins
compare to hotlink , its 1cents per sms n 15 cents per mins call

if not to ur 8 favourite no. ,
its laso charge 6 cents per sms n voice call is 15 cents per mins

there is a birthday gift also
from ur birthday tat day onwards to 7 days
u sms / call to ur 8 favourite no. is totally free

otherthan tat .. there will b a suprise on every month
example like cash debate , get extra 20% of ur reload or watever

get it now la dude ..
can leave me a msg here
sms me
or visit me at borders on every weekend until end of oct
i will b there .......

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