Monday, March 17, 2008

lets time flow backward


this is de 1st time i attended to the indian wedding
its such a good experience for me ...
[ coz i'll be de future event planner .. n wedding planner ^^y ]

ok .. lets start ..

actually v r late , so v missed de very first part ..
felt very surprised when saw the stage ..

herm ..
normally .. its will be an " indian smell "
but there's not ..
luckly ...

the ' abba ' is talking there .. ( the white colour shirt 1 // the botak 1 )
teaching wat to do i think

after that
bride's dad help to wear necklace
erm .. its not those necklace v bought outside
its hand made

n then .. go around the stage ..
just like playing .. =p

then both of them change sit ..

n then .. start to bless the newlywed
wat they do is ..
they scatter the yellow rice ( rice which dyed in yellow colour ) at their body ..
aiya ... its not reli scatter .. but i just dunno how to describe ...
try to imagine it ~~

aftertat ...
take picture ..

wat u fell bout this ??

ok .. finally ..

in da indian temple ..
sis + bride's mom + me + mom

n the overall picture
my family + her family

ok .. 2nd part of my day

went to the curve wif my dear n sis ..
wanna buy book .. coz got sales now ..
gonna find some book which is related to event manage or wedding planner
i found it ..
but its quite exps ..
i need credit card to pay it ...

erm .. nth much to do ... just


in da restaurant for our lunch

********** tats all **********

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