Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello March !!

Hey yo !! Finally I've make up my mind to update my blog ... Well, it's 0000 now ... yawn ~~~

February gone.... Honestly, I done nothing on that month besides enjoying my CNY, gambling, eating, shitting, sleeping and lying on bed for nothing ... And that's the reason I putted on weight on myself like so extremely ... Holy, Imma so out of shape .. yuks !!

Back to my Chinese New Year... My 2nd favourite celebration of the year ... 15 days of 'holidays' and it's full of joy and happiness. I'm blessed when I had my family gathering, schoolmates gathering, colleague-mates gathering etc.. It's full of joke and fun til I dun wanna back to reality. 

I got myself the very first time experience which I turned my hair colour into PURPLE ! of course only the bottom part of my hair la, I dun wanna be 'seafood' ner .... Btw, I'm in love with the end result, just the bad thing is the colour does not last long ! For the first time I dyed it only last for 1 week! Gosh~~ I forced to go back to the salon to touch up, luckily it's free =) Then the 2nd time I dyed it last me for about 3 weeks I guess.

Tada ~~


 Not to missed out ma manicure & pedicure for CNY ..

Wanna have one set of nail art for yourself too? Dun be hesitate to contact me ya my fren, ngek ngek =p

Ok now, one thing can't be missed in CNY --> Lou Sang !

酱容易捞 geh meh ?? Lolz 

Anyway, It's fun thou, when everyone shouting for those 'greetings' and then everyone of us dirtied our hand as well as other's hand.. Still, I wish everyone's dream come true =)

Back to hometown on 年初一, take angpaossss la , chit chat la, blow water la, gamble la.... bla bla .. and here you go, my sweet heart, soooo look like Michelin.. Isn't ??

Then back to KL on 年初二's evening &  I paid a visit to very well known 拿督公庙 at Semenyir, which near to Broga Hill on 年初三.

Then we have gathering on Javern's (Our VKA's Boss) house. Same activities throughout the night, just add on one more which is Sing-K. Javern had a big big K-Room in his bungalow la wei ..  

The best female buddy in VKA !

年初七,we have another colleague's-mate gathering at my house ! Delicious home-cooked dished to be serve as dinner,as shown below.. 
Oops, the fish wasn't serve yet at that time, that's why you can see a 'hole' there ..

 Oops ... Sa hai er ~~~~~ xD
 I would called it a memorable night, you guys were AWESOME ! 

Not to forget the secondary school class mate, gathered at our old place, Kah Wei's House !

 At least 10 yrs friendship wei .. How lovely it is ^^

For the 2nd last day of CNY, in the conjunction of celebrating "zhap goh meh", daddy held another family gathering at my place. So full of peoplessssss, and dinner settle by steamboat.

Things to play on that night, 3条炮竹连接成一条炮竹,几十个孔明灯...
Macam the wished really will come true, so do I made some wished too =)


CNY gone ! It's now March my lovely ...
Time to back to work, and I promised, I will work untra-hard this month to fulfill what I suppose and to achieve something as for my own Birthday Gift !

Til then, Goodnight !

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