Monday, August 6, 2012

A place with tons of delicious food !! P.E.N.A.N.G

An impromptu trip to Penang ... Well, it's reli out of expectation ! I had lunch with Ken at Leisure Mall, we talk about the penang murals out of sudden , then the idea just pop up and "Let's go Penang !" I knew that Joan and some other bloggers were there, so I just simply wanna join them. 
Alright alright, I admit I'm super the capricious .. Pls forgive me ... =p

Reach Penang about 7pm and we straight go have our dinner at Tanjung Bunga. The very simple cooking style of prawn and crab. Sorry that I don't have pic here, will do some update next time. 
Then we meet up with Joan them and we have the night spent together. 

Let's proceed to the 2nd day. We had our breakfast at Genting ! Oh dear, the best best best Chee Cheong Fun ever! Always my best of choice and I can never leave Penang without having this ! 

A special sauce made by them and believe me, U will regret if you never try this !

Then we go to the very famous temple, Kek Lok Si. 
It famous with the huge 'Guan Yin Ma'. Pic as below:

Of course, camwhore cant be missed. Pretty ladies in da temple !

And the Guys .... To describe, there were very 'lung' --废 ! 
But they were the reason for this memorable trip.

 Group Photo, here you go...

And..... the Classic one ... we have lots of fun while capturing these .. Bravo !! :D

It wasn't a food-hunting trip for me, but a memorable trip. Throw away all the shyyytt from KL, I relax my mind and just let myself be. By knowing new friends also another reason for life. Friends are mean to be forever, and I truely believe, is friend that complete our life.

Looking forward for another bloggers trip okay ... Pls 'jio' me along ya ... Haha :D

p/s : Photos are take from Joan's blog , from Jeff , and Khing.. View their blog for more article about this Penang trip.


瑜珺 said...

Welcome to Penang more often ya~~
And nice to meet you too :)

蜜蜂王子 said...

Next time come please tell me, i can be your temporary tour guide also,haha!

nice to meet you too~
too bad dont have much time to chit chat,hope got next time to hanging out again laa~

Miss Cheryl said...

haha ... sure thing !! sure will find both of u ... be ready lor, later i suddenly appear in penang .. xD

Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, really surprise to see you back there! Nice to meet ya anyway! Hope to see ya soon!

Psst, you can come to Penang anytime, well, book my time earlier, so that I can bring you go for food hunting ya! :)