Saturday, February 25, 2012


Yesterday, while I having my lunch appointment at Bandar Puteri Puchong, then I receive a call from YK, says that IOI Boulevard is so crowded now because of an accident. He told me that there's a sign board fall from the sky, and it hit a car. Wow !

I imagine that's just a small billboard or smth similar fall from the rooftop.. Guess what, on my way going back office, I saw this -->

God damn it ! This is not a small case man ! Gan Jiong !!

My car parked just few car away from it. I'm so lucky that my car didn't get involved, yet I pity the owner of Kenari .. and lucky YK as well, his car parked the other direction of it, only get hurt by those cotton which will not cause serious damage.

There used to be our hot spot for parking, cause there's where our office located at. Everyone were so shock of this accident.

According to them, this huge billboard fall from the rooftop of our VKA office.. Oh god!

Here you go, the view from my office, and the billboard fall 50 degree to that car ... That's amazing isn't ? @@

Total lost !! Nothing much to say :(

Look, accident can happen anytime, anywhere without you knowing. We glad that there's no one inside the car and no one around there, or else it will be really sad case.

Thank god, that wasn't me. I got very strong impact from this accident, and to all of you, please be careful at all time.

Back to reality, are you under protection by insurance ?? I know it's cruel but that's the fact.

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