Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Goodbye

Speechless... My mind was empty ...

I did not feel angry at all, just I knew that wasn't only your fault, but part of mine. Surprise is that I never thought this will happen. Past memories kept popping out in my mind, and kept repeating. I don't wanna ask for reason, but I'm stubborn enough to hope for miracle again. Even though I know the result, yet still keep trying and disappoint myself every time. Oh well, I know I'm stupid.

That is me. This is me.
I sincerely treating you as whoever you deserve to be. The moment I be serious that means I'm truely sincere enough and everything, every emotions were from my deep heart. I trying hard to be strong and independent as part of the reason were to not pressure on you and afraid of losing you.

There is no price tag on every person, so I do not know how to judge the value of a person, I believe neither you can. Just to follow my heart, it says you deserve it.

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