Sunday, June 30, 2013

KRABI Trip with the VKA-ians

就今天突然的心血来潮,update 一下我的部落格吧。

7, 8 &9 May
My very first so called conventional company trip with my beloved colleagues to KRABI, Thailand.

For the very first time, I step into Thailand, the place that I used to scare of.. 有阴影的“鬼”地方. Daddy's fault, because he always watch those 纪录片 when I was still young, and every story about Thai is regarding 下降头,幽灵 etc... 

Will not talk more here, this pic will speak louder than me isn't ?
But afterall, I rated this trip to be 7/10. A bit too rush for our Krabi Trip, a bit too far for our accommodation and it's really not convenient for us to travel to town and back, a bit too normal on their Thai food, it's like can easily get it at KL thou, & very hot weather.... I doubt the sunshine will burn my fat... The most enjoyable moment ever is when I tried their FREAKING CHEAP Thai Massage. RM20 for the freaking hour Thai massage. Cant get enough of it .. sigh ='(

 The best buddy of mine in VKA... Love her much ! Haha

Upon arrival, we been transported to the restaurant for lunch first. 
 You got no idea how hot is it if you never been to Thai or Krabi ... Oh god !!

Then we proceed to our Hotel. 

  Ain't you think this is kind of familiar ? Yeah ... this is the place where the 著名MyFm DJ 颜微恩held her wedding.

The walkway to our room

And here you go !!! Our lovely room !! 

 Private pool for us .. But we didn't make use of it.. lolz

I love enjoying sunset or sunrise at the seaside.... It's beautiful !! 

The first night we went to Au Nang beach for dinner and have fun at their night market. Shopping isn't cool there because of the price and their stuff wasn't attractive enough to catch my attention. I just grab some souvenirs for friends. 

Day 2

Sunburn day !! 

 传说中的 James Bond Beach ! 

海与田的颜色混为一体,瞬间的释放 !

We went snorkeling as well, but it's kinda dissapointed. Nothing much 海底生物 to see. I can say it's worst than Redang.

After snorkeling & having fun by the beach,we back to hotel and have fun in the pool. Couldn't get much chance like this, just gone crazy my darling.

Night we have our VKA night to be held at the beach side. A very romantic one indeed! Haha

Outfit for the night ... 

  It's really a very lovely decoration by the hotel management. Seems like a wedding party. 

Day 3

The last day at Krabi. Just a site seeing tour to town etc. We tried on their junk food along our "shopping", some is nice, some just so so..

 Black big crab is their 地标?? Funny ?? 

Well, this is the first time I been to Krabi. I would say that if there's no specific incident, I will not return here again. Honestly, Redang is even better... but next target, Sipadan pls !!

With Love. 

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